You’re at Instrupad,
a play space for musicians

to explore the relationship,
between the musician and the instrument,

and the intimacy between them.

Musicians will find
a genre agnostic,
band agnostic,
act agnostic,
space to explore their instrument.
A musician’s way into their style,
rather than the other way around.
A Play Space For Musicians,
looking out for ideas
to create on
and collaborate with

We’re from the school of thought
that video playthroughs are the next big medium
through which a musician can showcase
their skills and expertise
and connect with an audience
which can give them due appreciation
and attention through it.

Individual musicians,
recording studios,
jam pads,
music schools
do reach out to us  and send us your
instrument video plays,
(made or produced),
so that we can feature them on our channels.
Reach out to us on
Instrupad at Gmail

We cater to musicians.
The brilliant ones.
The not so-brilliant ones.
The teachers. The learners.

The instruments.
The obscure ones.
The not so obscure ones.

For the guitar.
The lute.
The Ravanhatta.
The drums. The mridangam.
The hang drum.
The Hoffnet Igntion club Bass.
The Hiren Roy Travel Sitar.

For the music connoisseur.
The instrument maker.
The Neighbourhood Jampad.
The band studio.
For the long tailed end of the musical spectrum.

A play space for Home Musicians,
their instruments
and the stories they create together.