All the video plays you send us
will be subject to
the following terms and conditions
which we will always abide by

1) Tamper-proof uploads:
We’ll put up all videos you send
as they are sent to us.
You may showcase
your personal logo,
your production logo,
associations if any,
and video identity
without it being edited out
or changed.

2) Instrupad Labels
On our end,
we’ll be adding our playlist logo
(based on your instrument)
at the beginning of your video,
and the Instrupad logo at the end.
We want your video
to stand for what our playlist aspires to do
We want “Bassist’s Play”
to stand for the best bass plays you can find
on the internet
and we want “ Sitar Play”
to aspire towards the same
seriousness or interaction
from a musician which
say a “Drummer’s Play”
has managed to garner.

3) The Instrupad channels : Cross Promotion
All videos will be put up 
across the Instrupad channels
and distribution networks we partner with.
We believe in your collective ‘Klout’.
Someone coming across these channels
to check out a particular musician
will have the accessibility
and the probability
of discovering you.
And vice versa.

4) Upload criteria
The videos we put up
will be screened
for a general hygeine check,
to meet few basic criteria
regarding sound and video quality.

We would like to see
the maximum possible video plays
go through to our play-lists
and you as a musician
must not hesitate to send in
any version you feel is
good enough for you.

All we want to do
is to ensure that
a certain sense of quality
is curated in our play-lists
which gets enhanced
by the type of videos,
other home musicians
can aspire to as well.

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