Drummer’s Play

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Featured Drummers

Ravi Christian
is a 27 year old drummer from Ahmedabad
who has been playing the drums since the past 7 years.
Ravi plays drums for the The Carnelians Band and cites Tony Royster Jr as the one musician he would like to jam with, in his music career.Ravi recommends the Mapex Drums setup as his preferred make for all drumming requirements.

Pravinth Ravithas
is an 18 year old drummer from Troy, Michigan
who has been playing drums since the last 8 years.
He has a brilliant home setup and some wonderful video plays which you can catch on his YouTube channel Pravinth recommends Zildjian Company Cymbals and Remo heads as part of his kit, and also plays a variety of percussion instruments apart from the drums.

Sohini Bhattacharya
is a 26 year old drummer from Bangalore, India who has been trained at the taaqademy and Rhythm Institute in Bangalore.Sohini cites Gavin Harrison, Anika Nilles, Luke Holland, Matt Halpern amongst (some) of her inspirations to drumming and recommends Sachin Banandur Deepak Raghu Vibhas Venkatram and Sabyasachi Deb in her local circle.
You can follow Sohini’s work here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG4Na8esdQ4a2rKp-zaCLfg

Anurag Sawangikar

Anurag is a 27 year old drummer from Pune, India, who has been behind the drums since 10 years now. He cites Matt Halpern, Mike Portnoy and Mike Johnston as his drumming influences and plays drums for the Pune based Skylight Vision.

Anurag is a ‘left handed right hand drummer’ and recommends Bhushan Chitnis on guitars and Swatantra Sarode for music production, in his local music circle.

You can find more of Anurag’s work here:

Anurag jams regularly at Resonance – The Jam Hub, Pune, and recommends the Roland v-td-25kv drums to play on.

Manas Bhatnagar

Manas is a 28 year old multi-instrument percussionist based in the UK who has been playing the drums since the last 15 years and cites Niladri Kumar as his major musical influence

Manas recommends the Roland V-Drums as his preferred drumming kit and also plays the Guitar, Dholak, Tabla, Keyboard , djembe , Congo, Bongo (amongst other instruments)

You can find more of Manas’ work on his YouTube channel:

Anhad Khanna

Anhad is an 18 year drummer from New Delhi, playing drums since the past 8 years and currently studying Music Performance at Global Music Institute, Greater Noida and plays drums for @Anhad and the Bhajan Mandli” and ” Man.Goes Human . He is also a teaching artist at Music Basti

You can take a look at Anhad’s work at his wonderfully crafted website

Anhad recommends the Pearl Drums standard kit as his preferred drumkit.

Siddhi Shah

Siddhi is a 26 year old drummer from Pune, India who has been trained at the prestigious Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music in Chennai. Siddhi cleared her Grade8 drums from Rockschool UK with Merit, topping West India in 2015.

She conducts private drumming classes in Pune by the name ‘DrumCore’ and plays for the band ‘Reverie’. She is also an artist under her label ‘Dark Reflections’ and has been showcasing her artwork at various events since 2010.

Siddhi recommends Prasenjit Paul, Prateek Bhaduri and Rahula Chatz in her local music scene and
jams at the AudioHack Studios in Pune.
She recommends Mapex Mars Series as her preferred drum kit to play on.

You can follow her work on the links below:
www.youtube.com/siddhishahofficial ,
www.facebook.com/siddhishahofficial ,

Raghav Mehrotra

We’re honoured to feature the prodigious Raghav Mehrotra, all of 12 years in age from Princeton, NJ, who has been skillfully playing the drums since the age of 3. Raghav is currently working on Broadway in Andrew Lloyd Webber‘s Tony nominated musical “School of Rock” performing 8 times a week. He has also played twice at the prestigious Madison Square Garden in front of an 18k odd audience.

Raghav recommends Tama Drums kit, Zildjian Company Cymbals and Vic Firth drum sticks as his preferred drumming paraphernalia. He also recommends musicians Nick Cuomo and Eli Bramnick in his local music scene.

You can follow Raghav’s wonderful musical journey on his channels below:
YouTube: Raghav Drummer https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtFnPmTajL7wCV1-5EA1Hzg)
Drummer Raghav’

Gaurav T

Gaurrav is a 36 year old drummer from Etawah, now based in Bangalore, who plays drums for the two-piece outfit Diarchy and has been making waves in the underground music circuit with the release of the band’s debut album “Here Lost We Lie”. Gaurav cites John Bonham and Patrick Carney as his drumming influences and recommends Mapex Drums, Pearl Drums and Paiste Cymbals as his preferred drumming gear.

He also vouches for Sachin Banandur, Tapass Naresh on drums and Prakash Rawat, David Livingstoner Kom and Sriram T T on guitars,as musicians in his local music scene.

You can watch more of Gaurrav’s work on the links below”
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/diarchyband/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwn1q8A4JoHTwHNBuPlDkGg

Shalom Daniel

Shalom is an 18 year old drummer from Pune who has been playing drums since he was 6 years old. He cites Mike Johnston and Gino Banks Official as his drumming influence and has been trained in percussion by Varun Venkit from Taal Inc. in Pune.
Shalom recommends the Zildjian Company kit and Vic Firth drumsticks as his preferred drumming gear.

Varchas Sinha

Varchas is a 25 year old drummer from New Delhi who has been playing the drums since the last 7 years.
He cites Mario Duplantier, Tomas Haake and Dave Lombardo as his drumming influence and recommends guitarist Aashish Baatla in his local music scene.

Varchas recommends the Alesis electronic drum kit as his preferred drumming gear.

You can follow more of Varchas’ work on his soundcloud page below: