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Minds behind instrupad

  • Dhananjay Sinha
    Concept and Execution
About Dhananjay

Considers himself as a jack of a lot of instruments, without having perfected the art of any. An instrument collector – three acoustic guitars, one gunsmoke blue electric guitar, a ukulele, a steel tongue drum, a xylophone, a keyboard, a violin, a bongo and an old harmonium – is where he thinks he has just begun.
  • Ayshwarya Sharma
    Business Strategy
About Ayshwarya

Is a young brand storyteller, delving into the world of advertising and media, while funneling her experience into Instrupad’s dense content basket. Having worked on marketing campaigns for the big media brands of the world – Google, Amazon Prime, P&G, she seems to understand the potential of new media to reach new consumers and interact with them at a personal level – which is what remains at the soul of this concept.
  • Pranoy Kanojia
    Production and Marketing
About Pranoy

If you’re the kind who is inclined to check out the local gig scene in your city, chances are that you might have seen this face. An avid musician himself, Pranoy has been covering the local indie music scene in Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Bombay and Delhi through his lenses since the last 7 years. Also into the advertising world by day, he is looking to apply his circuit experience into reaching the various musician circles around us.
  • Unmesh Lamture
    Production and Marketing
About Ummesh

A writer and filmmaker, Unmesh has already written a book on philosophy and contributes to the acclaimed socio-philosophical blog The Spirit Rebooted. He loves his genre of mellow rock music, and takes care of the production aspect for Instrupad with Pranoy, while applying his education in marketing to this cause.
  • Chirag Mediratta
About Chirag

A travelling researcher, on the hunt for new people and new projects, he cherishes his love for understanding people, their values, motivations, their cultures and insights. With a deep understanding of the consumer, he brings back inspiring tales and interesting projects of emerging talent from across the width of the country.
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