Aniketh Ashok

  • Aniketh Ashok
  • Bangalore, Karnataka
  • 11+ Years Experience
  • Drums

Aniketh Ashok​ is a 21-year-old drummer from Bangalore, Karnataka, who has been playing the drums for the last 11 years, and plays drums for some prominent bands in Bangalore music scene like - Space is All we Have​ , Tangents​, Haiku-Like Imagination​ and Kutcheri​.Aniketh cites @Matt Gartska, @Thomas Pridgen, Anup Sastry​, @Benny Greb and @Chris Coleman as his drumming inspirations and recommends @Yogeendra Hariprasad as a musician in his local scene to look out for.For more of his work check out Aniketh's YouTube channel:

“Believer” Drums Play


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