Esani Dey

  • Esani Dey
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 16+ Years Experience
  • Guitar

Esani Dey is a 19-year-old professional musician from Mumbai, Maharashtra who has been playing the guitar since the age of 3, and has learnt from her father Sujoy Dey. She plays for the recording industry in Bombay - which includes Bollywood background scores , songs , jingles , web series etc.

Esani cites her father Sujoy Dey, U Srinevas, Scott Henderson , John Mclaughlin , Greg Howe and Pat Methany as her musical inspirations and plays for her band ' Generation's Still Alive'.

Esani plays a number of instruments- Lanikai Soprano & Concert Ukulele , Dotara , Mandola , Mandolin , Nylon string guitar, Tenor Banjo and a 12 string guitar from Bhargava's music.

“Giant Steps” by John Coltrane Guitar Play


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