Jatin Talukdar Project

  • Jatin Talukdar Project
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 6-7 Years Experience
  • Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar

"After the success of his previous four singles, Jatin Talukdar, known for his melodic riffs and his art of infusing various different musical styles into his instrumentals, has gone forward and formed his own band called The Jatin Talukdar Project, that comprises of Aritra Basu on the drums and Shawn Phulpagar on the bass, two equally talented and upcoming artists in the Indian musical scene.Divergent Theory is JTP’s first single and Jatin’s foray into a different style of composition. He aims to not only create a new song, but also infuse it with riffs and callbacks to his previous singles while maintaining an originality that stands out from any music he has created till date. The drums are heavy and along with the bass bring out a vibe in the song that blends in effortlessly with Jatin's guitar."

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