Jatin Talukdar

  • Jatin Talukdar
  • Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • 8-10 Years Experience
  • Guitar

Jatin Talukdar​ is a 24-year-old guitarist from Mumbai, Maharashtra who has been playing the guitar for the last 7 years. Jatin cites @Andy James​, Marco Pirroni​ and Greg Howe​ as his guitar influences and recommends Chandresh Kudwa, Nishith Hegde​ on guitars, @Ashwin Shiriyan on Bass, Anand Bhaskar​ on Vocals and Ajay Jayanthi​ on the violin, as musicians to watch out for in his local scene.Follow more of Jatin's work on his Bandcamp link below: https://jatintalukdar.bandcamp.com/

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