Marc Damania

  • Marc Damania
  • Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  • 8-10 Years Experience

Marc Damania is a 35-year-old bassist with a masters in tabla based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat who has been playing the bass for the last 8 years, and plays for the bands - Time Wise, Purple Flower, Aahvan and River.From being an operations manager at an HR firm, to doing a masters in tabla and becoming a full time musician in the non-mainstream music scene, Marc Damania's journey and dedication to his art has been inspiring, to say the least.We had a heartfelt conversation with the Bassman at studio Bluetree in Ahmedabad, where we talked about how it was to grow up to Western music influence in the 90's, the city's own small rock scene to get inspired by and the experiments with the bass with different musicians and genres.With a bass playthrough of the TimeWise song 'Chasing Magnets'. to top it all.

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