Nachiket Karekar

  • Nachiket Karekar
  • Thane, Maharashtra
  • 8-10 Years Experience
  • Drums

Nachiket Karekar is a 23-year-old drummer from Thane, Maharashtra who has been playing the drums for the last 10 years. He has studied music at Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music (SAM) Chennai and plays for the bands 'After Acoustics' and 'Tripp Pilots'.

He has used the Zildjian Artist Series - Travis Barker Signature Drumsticks and Tama Stock Kick Pedal in this play.

Nachiket cites Travis Barker and Dave Grohl as his drumming inspirations and recommends Jai Row Kavi as a musician his local scene to look up to.

For more of his work, check out his YouTube channel below: Nachiket Karekar on YouTube

“Apna Time Aayega” Trash Drums Cover


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