Ram Kumar

  • Ram Kumar
  • Trivandrum, Kerala
  • 11+ Years Experience
  • Cajon, Mridangam
Ram Kumar Cajon

Ram Kumar is a 24-year-old percussionist from Trivandrum, Kerala, who has developed his own signature finger technique on the cajon, inspired by the techniques of Pete Lockett and Hakim Udai.Ram has received a 10 year formal gurukul training for the mridangam at the government music college, Trivandrum from his guru and esteemed percussionist from Kerala, Shri Rajesh Nath.Ram cited Palakkad mani, Karaikudi Mani and Patri Sathish as his inspirations to percussion and mridangam, and recommends the violin as an instrument he likes the most to play the Cajon with.

Cajon 4-beat Solo play


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