Web Site Terms and Conditions of Use

  • All videos you share with us will be edited and modified upon with our labels, information and logos to be used on our digital channels to promote you, as per our concept and design. This modified video is what we term as a ‘feature video'.

  • Instrupad will have all content rights to this ‘feature’ video. However you can specify and customise what aspect of your original video you want to contribute to us - and any specific way in which you want it to be promoted on our channels.

  • We will link back these features to all the social profiles you’ve mentioned in the form.

  • All videos contributed may not necessarily be made into 'features’ on our channels or portfolios on our page. We reserve certain parameters based on which we select videos - these are but basic hygiene checks. We will always be open and give our honest feedback on the videos you send us, and want to promote as many musicians as we can.

  • All profiles have been curated from information sent to us through the form filled. We will notify all musicians/entities/individuals whose profile we put up on the website via mail. It is their prerogative to get back to us and
    • Withdraw consent to put up their profile if they want OR
    • Update/edit/append information in their profile
    • Give due credit to the photographer/videographer who has created/contributed in creating the media which has been put up on your page.
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