“Slap Tap” | Shashank Verma

Shashank Verma
Updated: 1 year ago

Saturday Spreads | Chapter Four.
“Slap Tap”
With Shashank verma guitarist

Shashank Verma is a fingerstyle guitarist from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh who has been creating unique compositions on his guitars which have been recieved with critical acclaim all around the world. Watch him slap tap on an acoustic and an electric guitar for this composition.

Saturday Spreads is the sight, sound and stories into the Indian indie music scene.

Stream the audio on Trunk It
Read Shashank’s story on @The Indian Music Diaries

Gear Used :
– Gibson guitar Les paul 70’s tribute studio electric guitar
– Cort Guitars and Basses AD180 acoustic guitar

Video credits : JCY PRODUCTION, Bhopal
Audio credits : Shail Saini (@KB Studios, Bhopal)

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