Live Session#5 | Purva Ashadha feat. Fuego

Purva Ashadha
Updated: 10 months ago

Saturday Spreads | Chapter Three
“Live Session#5″
Purva Ashadha feat. Purva Ashadha feat. Feugo

Purva Ashadha is a project by Tamzid Rahman, an experimental artist rooting from Assam, India.The purpose of this project is to create an imaginative voyage into the world of deep and surreal soundscapes. Mixing live instruments and synthesized sounds to develop a fusion of influences from ambient electronica and psychedelic chill out music”

ARTURIA minilab mkII :
Audient ID22 audio interface
Audient ID 14 Audio interface
Novation Launchpad Pro
Elektron Analog Heat
Moog Music Inc. Mother 32
ARTURIA Keylab 49 with

Video credits : Ritik Singh
Location : Lonavala, Maharashtra

You can stream this track directly from the Trunk It app, and learn more about Tamzid Rahman’s musical journey and life story on @The Indian Music Diaries

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