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Soumendra Goswami
Updated: 1 year ago

Saturday Spreads
Chapter 5
Arrow Bridge
Album preview : “Sirius”

‘ArrowBridge’ is the brainchild of New Delhi based musician/composer Karthik Ram, with Ankur Tiwari on Guitars, Anshuman Sharma on keyboards, Kunal Singh on vocals, Madhav Logani on bass and Samarth Agrawal on drums.

They released their debut album “Sirius” on the 20th of July this year, and features some very prominent and accomplished musicians – John Wesley, Dave Young (Devin Townsend Project) and Lucas D’Angello (Betraying The Martyrs)- and is produced by ‘Skyharbour’ frontman Keshav Dhar.

A sneak peak into the album, with a small introduction by Karthik himself. our brand new features on Saturday is back.
Sight, sound and stories into the indie music scene.
With Trunkit music and The Indian Music Diaries.

Also check out playthrough previews for two songs – ‘Telengana’ and ‘An idea’ releasing on ur channels as part of this chapter.

Listen to the full album:

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