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“Motiv Stories Mumbai”
with Shure
Chapter 4 : MC Heam

Hemant Dhyani, popularly known as MC Heam is a veteran of the Indian hip hop scene who has notably been involved with the Dharavi school of rap, as a speech and words educator, before he broke through with a foray into Bollywood, composing for A.R.Rahman and his soundtrack for the movie ‘Beyond the Clouds’ in 2017. He continues to teach and perform in Mumbai and has been working with Rahman on other projects since then.

“Hip hop ki aadat”

We met Hemant at the Sion fort near Dharavi and sat down later at the Space Cat Studios in Andheri to record a rap cipher on the Motiv MV88+ microphone and talk about his journey in Mumbai as a musician and what he has learnt through it.

All the audio you hear in this story has been recorded live outdoors on the Motiv MV88+, which we found to be a portable, state of the art digital stereo condenser microphone, which is equipped to record instruments in high fidelity at any location.

For vocalists and lyricists like Heam, especially for the form of music he is involved with, the Motiv mic offers them a chance to record high quality audio samples of vocals and ambience – from wherever they are -on their phones, without the hassle of depending on additional paraphernalia to record sound.

At Instrupad, we’re looking out for tools and techniques to recommend musicians which can enhance and add value to their compositions.

With the Motiv 88+, musicians can now record their sound wherever they go – from solo jams in the solitude of your private balcony at home, to concerts and live performances at public spaces. We’ve been putting the mic through the test, all around the soundscapes of Mumbai ; we highly recommend this mic for all what it promises to deliver.

The ‘Motiv Stories Mumbai’ is a 4 chapter series we have worked on in collaboration with Shure, where we take you through sounds of Mumbai, with 4 distinguished musicians in their fields, who journey together with us in our experiments with recording their sound.

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