Onstage with ‘aswekeepsearching’

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“Onstage with aswekeepsearching”
with Shure Audio

Aswekeepsearching is one of the most prolific bands in the independent music scent today – to have started their journey from a relatively nascent scene in Ahmedabad, Gujarat to have carved out a unique, niche identity for themselves as the most prominent post-rock band in the country – is no ordinary feat.

They’ve travelled the world with their distinct blend of Hindi post-rock and have influenced a generation of upcoming musicians with their style and approach towards building this sound.

Aswekeepsearching believe heavily In taking chances, and actively taking their music to new audiences – through listening sessions and live performances.

With smaller venues and denser audiences, the band espouses the usage of in ear monitoring systems to get the best possible performance as a band together and recreate the music they intend to play to their audience, as it is written in the studio.

AWKS recommends the Shure PSM300 as a tool for every serious musician in the country or all those aspiring to take their live sound and performance a notch higher.

We documented the band as they kickstarted their album launch tour for their third album ROOH in Guahati and Shillong. We had the chance to get up close and personal to learn their process and the value of live performance for the band.

aswekeepsearching is:
Uddipan Sarmah
Shubham Gurung
Robert Alex
Sambit Chatterjee

Recorded at the ‘Underdoggs Sports Bar, Guwahati,
and the Evening Club, Shilong

Instrupad crew for this production:
Pranoy Kanojia
Unmesh Lamture
Tamzid Rahman
Dhananjai Sinha

We would like to thank Baibhav Konwar for additional footage and Adhiraj Singh for helping us out with live audio.

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