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Parag Bhide
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“Motiv Stories Mumbai”
with Shure
Chapter 3 : Parag Bhide

Parag Bhide is a 28-year-old percussionist and beatboxer who has been handcrafting percussion instruments in his workshop in Pune for the last 5 years. He is one of the few makers in the country who make handpans- metallic shells of steel which are burnt, hammered and moulded to create musical tones which resonate in a particular scale.

“The Handsmith’s Song”

We met Parag at the rooftop of his house in Dadar at sundown, with the busy rush of the Mumbai local train and traffic as the background score, to talk about his journey as a handpan maker, and to record it’s sound through a Motiv MV88+ microphone.

All the audio you hear in this story has been recorded live outdoors on the Motiv MV88+, which we found to be a portable, state of the art digital stereo condenser microphone, which is equipped to record instruments in high fidelity at any location.

Most mics are unable to capture the entire sound spectrum of the handpan, since both the low and the high tones are played at the same time. To someone who is wary of not being able to feel the natural sound of the handpan translate into the final audio with traditional mics, Parag found the Motiv 88+ to be a “game changer” in terms of the sounds you can now record in their natural environment.

At Instrupad, we’re looking out for tools and techniques to recommend musicians which can enhance and add value to their compositions.

With the Motiv 88+, musicians can now record their sound wherever they go – from solo jams in the solitude of your private balcony at home, to concerts and live performances at public spaces. We’ve been putting the mic through the test, all around the soundscapes of Mumbai ; we highly recommend this mic for all what it promises to deliver.

Follow us for more in the ‘Motiv Stories Mumbai’, as we take you through sounds of Mumbai, with some incredibly talented musicians who journey together with us in our experiments with recording their sound.

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