Punk in India

Updated: 4 months ago

“What is Punk?”

What was punk then, is not punk now. What is punk now, will not remain so in the future.
Uncovering one of the most fluid musical genres around us.
From some expressionists in Asia.

At the “The Annual New Wave Musicfest of Fresh Asian Indie and Punk Music” we documented modern musicians expressing themselves through new forms and fresh ways, to try and reach the essence of punk and its relevance in today’s music.

With soundtrack featuring
– ViceVersa “Saviour”
– Hemant Heam Dhyani “Free Flow”
– Tripwire “Man Shoot Down”
– Hibari 雲雀 “Will Of the Wasp”
– Diarchy “Here Lost We Lie”

Brought to us by ennui.BOMB
in association with Sbcltr

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