Chain Of lies | Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar
Updated: 1 year ago

“Chain Of Lies (II) ”
Saturday Spreads
Chapter Two
Ravi Kumar

Presenting chapter of 2 of Saturday Spreads, an independent endeavour to showcase the sight, sound and stories from the Indian “indie” music scene. Ravi Kumar is a composer from Kishtwar, Jammu, currently touring and playing with various bands from around the country, with an original composition , “Chain of Lies”.

Video production credits to Karan Katiyar
Music mastered by Karan Singh

Ravi’s gear:
Schecter Guitars Damien Elite ‘8’ Series
Ibanez Guitars Iron Label RGD Series
Axe Fx II Pre-Amp

You can stream this track directly from the Trunk It app, and learn more about Ravi’s musical journey and life story on The Indian Music Diaries

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