Sounds of Mumbai

Purva Ashadha
Updated: 1 year ago

“People whenever they go to a new city, they think about it visually – places they want to see and visit, probably the food they want to eat. So nobody really thinks about going to a place and listening to the sounds of that place.
When we went around for this project, we had to ignore our eyes and just focus on our ears”

Meet Tamzid Rahman, our sound designer, who has been living and experimenting with the Motiv MV88+ mic while recording the ‘Motiv Stories Mumbai’ campaign with Shure. (You might know him from our end credits captions, recording the ambient sound of the Arabian Sea, as we were recording Sambit Chatterjee’s tabla play there.)

“Sounds of Mumbai” is what he has been upto, with fellow musician Gautham Hebbar as part of electronic music duo called ‘Flex Machina’, where they’ve gone on a quest to record ambient sounds from everyday Mumbai life and composed a short tune using it.

Camera work by Aaditya Bagwe.

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