The Musicians of Saarang

Updated: 9 months ago

The year is 1991.
We find ourselves in the midst of a highly charged atmosphere.
There’s an energy in the air, it’s palpable.

You can find a young A.R. Rahman with his band, checking out a bespectacled guitarist by the name of Prassana,
belting out stiff competition on the stage at the battle of the bands.
Somewhere in the crowd, Sivamani watches with his own band of musicians in the fray.

As Mardigras changes its name to Saraang,
the hallowed grounds of IIT Madras would continue to be the breeding grounds for some of the most visionary musicians of a generation, who would go on to reinvent the music scene of the country.

It’s 2019 and we’ve been invited to Saarang to document the music scene there.
What you see in this film is what we saw and what we filmed there.

A healthy battle of music and musicianship of young bands and personalities,
and the sound they bring to the stage.

Welcome to “The Musicians of Saarang”, a film on music and some young creators of sound, which
we’re sure if you watch 28 years from now, you’d find the first few glimpses into a musical prodigy
in the making.

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