The Travelling Sounds of Arambol

Updated: 1 year ago

“Greenwich Village , you had all these artists in the 50s and the 60s , poets, writers, musicians, coming together. It was a special time in history. In many ways I think, Arambol is a continuation of that.”

A season with the global community of wandering artists and musicians who come together every year from different parts of the globe in the small beachside village of Arambol in Goa- and with their confluence- create music and magic.

This is the story of Arambol, where we went and stayed with the travelling musician community there, who told us about their stories, motivations, expectations and aspirations from an uninhibited place they had all found in their capacities, together.

Written, directed and edited by Dhananjai Sinha Director of photography : Debarati Sanyal Interviews: Chirag Mediratta & Dhananjai Sinha Voiceover: Unmesh Lamture Filmed on location in Arambol in January 2018. Disclaimer: This is the unlisted first cut of the documentary, meant for private viewing only, and for general critique to polish for the final version.

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