“Living in a Tactile World”

Updated: 1 year ago

“How to play Electronic music with a Hardware Setup”

James Mclintock is a British electronic musician and vinyl collector who fetishes the sound output of classic electronic sequencers from the 70s and the 80s and creates music with a pure hardware setup.
James has built for himself, a hardware setup which has been carefully selected and curated over many years, which he prefers playing around with over the Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) prevalent today.

We met James at his home workstation in Bombay and had a conversation about his personal perspective on electronic music, growing up in the UK. He took us through his hardware setup and let us document him mixing one of his tracks ‘”A Flock Of Birds On Titan” live, for us.

“Living in a Tactile World” is part of Instrupad ‘Toolbox’, our ongoing series on artists, tinkerers and innovators in the modern music scene today, where we follow them to see how the world within which they function is.

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