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Saturday Spreads.
Chapter Seven
Submarine in Space

from the album ‘Wavelengths’

‘Submarine in Space’ is a 5-piece-instrumental act from New Delhi, comprising of Vaibhav Ahuja on drums, Raaed Ehsan Azim on keys,
Madhur Chaudhary on Bass, Sayan Sinha on Violin/Cello/Flute and
Abhishek Mittal on Guitars.

‘Meraki’ is a track from their latest album, called ‘Wavelengths’ which talks about how people from different time eras are connected with each other.

The album has ben recorded and mixed by Gaurav Chintamani at Quarter Note Studios and Vaibhav Ahuja.
Album mastered by- Steve Nagasaki.
Artwork by Rajmouli Dixit.

“We have always believed to keep aside commercial success while playing, staying honest to ourselves by practicing regularly and always pushing ourselves to try something new. I am seriously hoping that
musicians from India should start writing instrumental music because our country needs it and there is a lot of talent here.”
-Abhishek Mittal

* * * *

Saturday Spreads is the sight, sound and story into the Indian indie scene, and is a three way collaboration of Instrupad with ‘The Indian Music Diaries’ and ‘Trunkit music’

Watch the video on Instrupad, stream ‘Wavelengths’ on the Trunkit music app, and read their story on The Indian Music Diaries.

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