Reggaeology – Music, Movement and Rise of the Indian Reggae Scene

Updated: 11 months ago

“Reggae is what you make of it.
For some, it stands for ‘one love’, sure.
For others, its revolution”
– Neil Fraser aka Mad Professor

Welcome to ‘Reggaeology’, the story of a movement through sound, and the new wave of Indian Reggae.

We have unscripted conversations with the living legends of Reggae music, who’ve assembled in north Goa for the ‘Goa Sunsplash 2018’ – the first of its kind in south Asia – to trace the origins and consequences of this music genre, as it makes its way into India.

About Goa Sunsplash

Goa Sunsplash is a two day festival steeped in the ideals of peace, love and unity. Situated on the sun drenched beaches of Goa, India, the festival is focused on creating a holistic lifestyle experience through music, art, dance, wellness programs and social forums. Whilst reggae music has been a big part of the festival program, roots music from around the world also has it’s space at Goa Sunsplash. Past headliners of the festival have included Mad Professor, Johnny Osbourne, Zion Train, General Levy, Naaman, Manudigital, Skarra Mucci and Cali P. Goa Sunsplash is committed to being a world class destination festival that is rooted in sustainability and social awareness.

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