Sounds of Shillong

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“One of the challenges we faced while making this soundtrack was the sound of chirping crickets at the Mawphlang village which was in a particular scale. We had to transpose and create the track with this scale as the foundation”

“People whenever they go to a new city, they think about it visually – places they want to see and visit, probably the food they want to eat. So nobody really thinks about going to a place and listening to the sounds of that place.
When we went around for this project, we had to ignore our eyes and just focus on our ears”

“Listening to Shillong”
with Shure.

For this concept, we walk around Shillong – with the Shure Motiv MV88+ digital stereo condensor mic and a camera – to experience the ambience and sonic textures of the colorful milieu of artefacts the place had to offer.

These sounds were sampled were recorded outdoors and taken to the studio where Tamzid Rahman, our sound engineer did his wizardry with musician Gautham Hebbar and created a composition using these sounds.

What you hear is what we saw, and an attempt to create a unique sonic landscape of a place with music.

“As an electronic artist, the biggest tools that we have is a portable recorder because you can go out anywhere and the entire world can become your sample bank”

The Motiv MV88+, was integral to us for realising this concept; the clarity and quality of sound we could capture along the flexibility to use it at diverse places, opened up the world of sounds to us.

At Instrupad, we’re looking out for tools and techniques to recommend musicians which can enhance and add value to their compositions.

With the Motiv 88+, musicians can now record their sound wherever they go – from solo jams in the solitude of your private balcony at home, to concerts and live performances at public spaces. We’ve been putting the mic through the test, taking it around India- this time to the wild and alive Khasi forests.

We would like to thank Preslan Malbiliang and the brothers Shangpliang- Kit and Ador for exposing us to this world of sounds.
And to Matthew, our friend, guide and constant companion in Shillong.

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