The Anarchy of Beatboxing

Updated: 6 months ago

Beatboxing is incredibly simple in its requirements- all you need are your vocal chords and imagination. And with those things, you can create an incredibly complex soundscape that can become its own musical performance. No instruments, no mics, no nothing… just you.

Beatboxing in India is experiencing a surge in popularity, especially with the rise of indigenous hip-hop (and let’s face it, Gully Boy helped too).

Indian beatboxers are exploding the scene in the country. They are welcoming community built on learning, mutual respect, and love for the art. We caught up with some of India’s rising beatbox stars at Pune’s 2nd Beatbox Championship, organized by Milind “Milo” Bailey and Beats Club.

Hear the story of the Indian beatboxing scene from the artists themselves. Be wowed by the range of talent. Learn just how easy it is to get started. Come and experience the anarchy of beatboxing.

Interviews with: Manasi Nene, Gaurav Gambhir, Karun Krishna, Malik Khan Special

Thanks: Parag Bhide

Team Instrupad: Dhananjai, Unmesh, Arun Gopal

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