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Saturday Spreads ‘Butterscotch’ Live Set Aqua Dominatrix.

This track is dedicated to Disco Demolition Night – an ill-fated baseball promotion on July 12 1979 at Comiskey Park, Chicago. Enraged by the popularity of Disco, a crate filled with records was blown up on the field between a Chicago White Sox and Detroit Tigers match. “I want to thank Shruthi, Pra, Zoya and Sam for believing in me and my work. I love you.”

Gear used on this track:

– MFB – Electronic Instruments from Berlin Dominion1
– Axe Fx II running SWR Redhead 4×10 bassamp (no mic)Episode One
– Skychord Electronics Cloudbuster Analogue Delay Unit used as FX return.
– Elektron Octatrack — DBX 1066 Expander
– Elektron Rytm –
– 1073 Pre. Roland System 1M
-Axe FX 2 running Markbass India BigBang 2×10 bassamp (no mic).
– Waldorf Blofeld Keyboard
-Trident A-range Pre


Distribution Partner : Trunk It
Promotion Partner: The Indian Music Diaries
Special thanks to KRUNK for making this happen.

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