“The Saxman’s vault”

Updated: 1 year ago

“The Saxman’s Vault”
Treasures and tales from the saxophonist’s world

Harmish Joshi is a professional saxophonist based out of Ahmedabad Gujarat, who has been establishing his name as one the country’s best saxophone purists, currently playing with the highly acclaimed jazz band ‘Time Wise’.

We met him at a beautiful peacock laden garden in Ahmedabad, in a candid see through of how a saxophonist’s world is, and what it is to be one in the country today – with a conversation and some smooth jazz plays as a show and tell.

“The Saxman’s Vault” is part of Instrupad ‘Toolbox’, our ongoing series on artists, tinkerers and innovators in the modern music scene today, where we follow them to see how the world within which they function is.

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